Blog Post #10: The Big Easy

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Hey y’all I am late again here with the blog post, but I think I have a legitimate excuse this time.  I am currently sitting in Terminal C at the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport….for the second time in two days!  More on that after…. I had the amazing opportunity to attend the Citizen CPR [...]

Blog Post #9: Temporarily & Periodically

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What’s up everyone…sorry I am a bit late this week with my post.  I just returned home today following a wedding last night in Saratoga, NY.  One of the guys I grew up playing basketball with was the groom.  It was an amazing evening spent with some of my closest friends and some people I have [...]

Blog #8: Thankful

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Hey, what’s up my friends, I hope you had a happy, healthy Thanksgiving filled with lots of food, drinks, and quality time with family!  Happy Black Friday!  If you are going out in the craziness of Black Friday I wish you luck!  I won’t be. Of course, Thanksgiving Day is a time where we are supposed [...]

Blog Post #7: Regrets

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What is going on everybody?  I cannot believe the holiday season is right around the corner.  It definitely has crept up quickly on me.  I am excited to be able to spend some quality time with family and friends.  Even with the holidays around the corner…the grind doesn’t stop! Earlier this afternoon I had a speaking [...]

Blog Post #6: “I Just Want To Tell Them To Choose Kindness”

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What’s up, what’s up everyone?  I am sitting here excited to share a story that I heard about earlier this week that had a serious positive impact on my life and inspired me.  On November 17, a movie called “Wonder” will be hitting the theaters.  The main character in the story has a condition called Treacher [...]

Blog Post #5: Do You Miss It?

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What’s going on friends?  Out here in CT, and the weather is playing serious mind games.  One day I am wearing a winter jacket and the next day it feels like spring.  I can’t complain.  I am a warm weather guy (weird I live in New England, right?). As I mentioned in my last post, I [...]

Blog Post #4: It’s Going To Be Ok

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What’s up y’all? It is currently Tuesday evening and I am sitting here at a Hampton Inn in King of Prussia, PA with Game 1 of the World Series on in the background.  I am here to teach two CPR/AED training classes tomorrow at a local inspector/insurance company.  When I saw the location, it made me [...]

Blog Post #3: Understand the Difference Between “Having Fears” and “Being Nervous”

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What is up friends, another week in the books.  I hope it was a fun and productive week for each and every one of you.  As I mentioned in my last post, I have worked on not only setting goals, but also creating a process which is going to lead me to these goals.  Part of [...]

Blog Post #2: Goals Are Great, But The Process Is More Important

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Hey, what’s up my friends!  I hope you are enjoying another great week and ready for the weekend!  I decided to take a week off from Bar while writing my blog post this week.  If the humor isn’t quite as good, you will understand why!  Last week, I introduced you to myself and my journey.  To [...]

Blog Post #1: It’s Worth The Risk To Attack Your Dreams

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Hey, what’s up friends! I'm sitting here on a Monday night at Bar in New Haven. Yes, the name is the place is called Bar. Whenever I say it to someone they are asking, “What Bar?” My response is always, “It’s just called Bar.” They are known to have some of the best pizza in New [...]