What’s up my friends! Happy Spring…. kind of…. still waiting for the weather to completely turn.  All I want to do is walk outside in shorts.  That isn’t too much to ask, is it?

I am writing while sitting on a plane headed out to Seattle, WA!  I am spending the weekend in Seattle and driving to Spokane on Monday.  I have my biggest and furthest speaking engagement on Wednesday at a conference in Spokane.

I have some news to share with everyone.  I will be back on the sideline this coming winter coaching basketball at Fairfield Prep, a Jesuit private high school located in Fairfield, CT.  When they reached out to me about the job, I was unsure at first, but when I met with their athletic director and other people on campus, it was clear it was a great place.  It is an opportunity for me to do two things I love to do: coach basketball, grow In A Heartbeat, and focus on my motivational speaking career.  Coaching high school basketball is a bit different from college.  It is a “part time” job instead of “full time.”  High school coaches have their full-time job outside of coaching.  For me that is In A Heartbeat and speaking.

This also gives me an opportunity to be a head coach.  It gives me a chance to take all of the knowledge I have built up as an assistant and apply my own philosophy to the program.  I have spent the last week getting to know the kids on the team and I am excited to work with them.

Ok…back to my trip….This year I have gotten lucky with multiple opportunities to travel for speaking and for work with In A Heartbeat.  I was in Georgia and Florida in January, Miami in February, I am heading to Washington now, and I am traveling to Chicago in a couple weeks. As I am sitting here on the plane, I am reflecting on not only how lucky I have been, but also how important it is to see different places.

Most of us are born and raised in a certain area.  Obviously, there are exceptions for people who have to move around during their childhood, but for the most part, we grow up in one general area.  There are so many different places our country and our world have to offer and we need to take advantage of our time to go see them.  Maybe we find a place that better suits our lifestyle. Maybe we find a place that would make us happier.  Maybe where we were born and raised is the best place for us.  The bottom line is, you will never know until you travel!

My advice to you all…put some money away when you can….save it for travel…see different places….you never know where you will fall in love!

Until next time…

You’re amazing!