Hi everyone and happy hump day!  I hope you are having a great week.  I am struggling with withdrawals from the NCAA Tournament.  Being a huge basketball fan, the first weekend of the tournament is the best weekend of the year.  When I woke up Monday morning realizing there was no tournament games until Thursday it was a depressing feeling to say the least!

I am writing to you today about a cool experience that is ongoing with a group of people I have connected with through In A Heartbeat.  One of the ideas I had this year was to spread the word about In A Heartbeat through Rotary Clubs in the state of CT.  Rotarians are people who are very interested in giving back to their local community so I figured many of them would find interest in our programs and what we are doing to help prevent death from sudden cardiac arrest and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

One of the clubs I spoke to was The Rotary Club of East Hampton, CT.  East Hampton is a  relatively small town.  Typically, when I speak at these meetings I talk about my story, the mission of In A Heartbeat, our programs, and what we have accomplished so far.  The Rotary Club of East Hampton was hosting a dinner meeting the night I spoke and the next morning when I woke up I had an email from one of their members saying the group was inspired by my talk and wanted to help us with our mission within their local community.

I can tell you, there is no better feeling than reading or hearing that you inspired a group of people.  It makes all the work and preparation leading up to the talk completely worth it.  We exchanged some emails and set up a meeting.

I went to the meeting, saw some of the Rotarians I met at the dinner and also some other members of the local community.  They wanted my help in planning a CPR/AED training day in town.  They would offer it up to anyone in the town and it would be FREE, completely funded by The Rotary Club.  In addition, following the training they would work to identify 5 local businesses in need of an AED and donate them.

Last week, we had a follow up meeting about their CPR/AED training event.  They trained close to 100 people in town!  It was a HUGE success.  When things like this happen, it makes all of the hard work, effort, and long drives completely worth it.  We all have the ability to inspire a group of people to help make positive change, no matter the cause.

Getting a group of people to believe in our mission is only going to strengthen what we do.  My goal is to get more people involved like this.  We cannot do it alone.  We need the help of others. There are still too many people dying from sudden cardiac arrest every single day.  If you’re not trained, get trained…it can save a life!

You’re amazing!