Mike Papale’s “Attack Your Dreams” Demo Reel:


Speaker, Cardiac Arrest Survivor, College Basketball Coach, Philanthropist, and HCM Patient

As a teen, I had one dream: to play college basketball. I was laser-focused, training like an Olympian, with hopes of making my dream a reality. Then, out of nowhere, my world changed.

On August 24, 2006, while coaching a summer camp basketball game from the bench, I slumped over, unresponsive, turning blue within minutes and taking my last agonal breaths. I was 17, and had gone into sudden cardiac arrest. A volunteer EMT working next door gave me CPR, sustaining and saving my life while the ambulance raced to the scene. The EMTs arrived and immediately used their automated external defibrillator (AED) to restore, or “shock” my heart back into rhythm. The longer you go without being shocked, the lower your chance of survival.

With no AED onsite, my chance of survival was one in a million.

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Mike is an awesome speaker. He grabs your attention from moment one and carries you on his journey through his moving story. He not only successfully motivates every audience member to pursue their dreams against all odds, he provides actual,
achievable steps to get there. I’m grateful to have had him speak at my Hoops for Heart Health foundation dinners and I will be
asking him back.
Ryan Gomes, Former NBA Player
“Mike presented to our membership an outstanding session about the challenges of life and the importance of seizing each moment to pursue your dreams. His accounting of the sudden Cardiac Arrest episode he experienced as a 17 year old and his survival illustrated how it changed his thinking about life. It was jaw dropping and had everyone’s attention in the audience. His gripping story had the entire room silent to where you could hear a pin drop. He was able to use this harrowing experience to deliver a very deep and meaningful message. The success of his presentation was marked by the standing ovation he received when he concluded and the line of people waiting to speak with him after the session. I would not hesitate recommending Mike Papale as a motivational speaker for any group.”
Fred Balsamo, Executive Director -CMAA
“Mike’s message hits home. It’s uplifting and inspiring. After listening to his personal experiences he is right on target with his 4 pillars of success. You need to bring him to your school or organization as soon as possible! “
Jon Capone, Athletic Director, West Haven High School